Video: Memories Matter

Video Transcript

Memories matter. That’s why you’ve protected your most cherished documents and photos from sun and humidity. So why are they still fading and deteriorating?

Air pollution can be as dangerous to your images as sunlight and moisture. And indoor air pollution is caused by everyday things like cleaning solutions, paint, and carpeting. These materials give off gases that cause irreparable chemical damage to your art, photos, and memorabilia.

Thankfully, there’s Artcare from Nielsen Bainbridge. Only Artcare products use patented micro-chambers to trap and neutralize harmful gases in the air. Artcare protects your priceless memories against fading, yellowing, and aging. The result: framed pieces that stay forever young.

Backed by extensive scientific testing, patented Artcare technology is trusted by the world’s leading custom framers, conservators, and museums to protect our most treasured historic artifacts.

So, the next time you have something framed, ask for Artcare by name. Your grandchildren will be glad you did.

Artcare: the best protection available for art, documents, and photos.