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What causes artwork to degrade?

Natural and man-made pollutants and acidic gases in our everyday environment, as well as by-products from the image or artwork’s natural aging and deterioration.

Does Artcare replace UV filtering glass?

No. UV glazing protects images from light-induced damage. Artcare products protect images from chemical-induced damage that will happen even without light exposure. Best image protection is provided by using both Artcare board products and UV filtering glazing.

If acids are trapped in the matboard, aren’t they being held up against the artwork?

No. The Artcare molecular traps hold and contain acid gases, keeping them away from the artwork.

What is a molecular trap?

Molecular traps are commonly-used mineral materials found in air filters, water filters, odor absorbing product, even disposable baby diapers. They are proven to be effective in trapping and neutralizing undesired gases. The molecular traps in Artcare products are specifically engineered to trap air pollution gases. Artcare products are the only picture framing materials to contain molecular traps.

Will the molecular traps ever fill up?

No, they will not. Every Artcare product contains hundreds of thousands of molecular traps, yielding a functional lifetime that’s virtually infinite.

Where can I find Artcare products?

Artcare products are proudly used by more than 5,000 professional picture framers. Call your local frame shop today and ask for Artcare by name!

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